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Do not respond to unsolicited email requesting personal financial information to facilitate the receipt of an IRS refund.  
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• any filing status
• married or single
• dependents & expenses
• W2 wages, 1099 income
• stocks, investment income
• small business income & expense
• all deductions & tax credits
• medical, tuition, donations
• Earned Income Credit
• Home purchase or sale
• Children Tax Credit
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Any filing status, single or married filing jointly, with or without dependents. File schedules on your individual or joint return for small business, home-based business, investment properties, or rental unit income.

Wages: You can easily enter your W-2 wage information.

Interest Earned: You can include any Form 1099 interest from bank accounts or accounts at other financial institutions, CDs and bonds.

Report your Investments: Reporting interest and dividends on investments is very simple. We can also help you if you've bought or sold any investments during the year, or if you have the type of investments with special rules.

Itemize your deductions: If your personal and family expenses add up to more than the standard deduction for your filing status, you should itemize your deductions instead of claiming the standard deduction.

Deduct Homeowner Taxes: As a homeowner, you can deduct a portion of your real estate taxes and your qualified mortgage interest payments on your home.

Itemize business deductions: Itemize deductions against business income in addition to individual deductions or the standard deduction. Deduct unreimbursed business expenses.

Business investment cost recovery: Business tax credits and depreciate business investments and assets over time.

Children Tax Credits
Education Tax Credits
Making Work Pay Tax Credits
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Any Status: Single, Married, Jointly
Children and Dependents
W-2 Wages
Interest Income
Mortgage Interest
Donations to Charity
Investments & Stock Sales
Business Income and Expenses

* Federal tax return for: Family, Home, Investment, Small Business
* Maximum Deduction for: Medical, Tuition, Donation, Business Expenses
* Premium Tax Forms, Schedules
* Simple Federal Tax Return
* Multiple W-2s, all types of 1099s
* Basic Tax Forms and Schedules
* Detects the right tax forms for you
* Error checking and audit alerts
* Prepare, efile, print tax return
* Refund via check in the mail
* Fast direct bank refund deposit (additional)
* Prepare, efile, print state tax return (optional)
* Online help and support
* Start now and finish later!
* Automatic upgrade to Premium
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